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2023 Naturalist Series: Let's Take a Peek Inside Vernal Pools!

Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 6:30pm
Mahoning Country Extension Office - 490 S Broad St. Canfield

The Naturalist Series invites subject matter experts to share their knowledge and research regarding different aspects of nature. Subjects range from animals, plants, insects, and more. All these events are $5 ($30 for the whole series) and occur at 6:30 pm in the Mahoning County Extension Office. 

  • Let's Take a Peek Inside Vernal Pools!
    • Join us for an exploration of woodland vernal pools and the life inside them. This program will discuss the Ohio’s frogs, toads, and salamanders that can be found in and around vernal pools. We will learn to ID frog calls, salamander species, and explore the world of macroinvertebrates (fairy shrimp, caddisflies, and more).  
    • Speaker: Marne Titchenell, Wildlife Program Specialist, OSU Extension

To view the program flyer, click HERE. Please complete the bottom of the form and return it to the Mahoning County Extension Office, 490 S Broad St. Canfield, OH 44406

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