April 29, 2019 - 12:07pm -- shoemaker.306

With the GNGP program, OSU Extension aims to teach children all about gardening and how their food is produced.  Participation in the program is based off of a team structure.  A “Growing Team” may be formed by any group of children, and must be led by an adult volunteer(s).  The adult volunteer will fill out a volunteer form in order to receive free seeds and plants for their group, which will then plant a garden and compete for prizes and recognition at the end of summer.  Teams are responsible for finding their own garden plot or container garden.

Throughout the summer, teams will attend the gardening kick-off event May 27 and are required to attend at least two other gardening events.  A garden party August 12 will wrap up the summer with fellowship, fun and a chance to win prizes for best garden displays, garden harvest and more.  Youth who participate will end the summer with a greater understanding of plant production, a growth in teamwork skills, and an appreciation for seeing a project through.

Registration deadline is May 17.  To learn more or to register, call the Mahoning County Extension Office at 330-533-5538 or visit go.osu.edu/GNGP2019.