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June 17, 2021 - 2:10pm -- shoemaker.306@o...

Join us at the virtual Food Service Conference that will assist with an action plan for the 2021-2022 school year. This virtual
Zoom webinar conference will assist food service directors and staff with an action plan for the upcoming school year.

Registration is FREE and the deadline is July 26
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Continuing Education
• Pending for 4.5 SNS CEU’s
• Pending for 4.5 RD/DTR
Offering USDA Professional Standard Credits

The conference is designed for:
• School Cafeteria Staff • Registered Dietitians • Dietetic Technicians
• Registered School Wellness Teams • Parents • PTA/PTO

Additionally, attendees will:
● Learn how Ohio State University Dining Services adjusted to the COVID-19 crisis and
how they are moving forward past the crisis.
● Develop skills to share your cafeteria story with your community through social media.
● Gain skills to connect with lawmakers in your community and schedule a site visit.
● Receive guidance to continue to serve safe meals and reduce COVID-19 risks.
● Learn Ohio’s updated Procurement guidelines.
● Learn importance of menu planning, forecasting and procurement in COVID and NON-COVID conditions.