2017 Master Gardener Volunteers


Congratulations to the Master Gardener Class of 2017! 

Front: Carol Swartz, Rhonda Harris, Marie Belfast and Lisa Hildebrand-Kennedy

Middle: Rick Patterson, Cathryn Jacobs, Libby Heldman, Beth Bartlett, Leslie Moore, Rex Luckage, Terry Cloonan and Carol E. Smith

Back: Eric Barrett (OSUE Director), Joan Kirkbride, Rodney Lewis and Terry Shears

Not Pictured: Nancy Wloch and Ed Lewis


Information and forms for Active Master Gardeners

Volunteer Hours Form.  To be submitted by October 31st annually.

  • 20 Volunteer Hours Yearly

Education Hours Form.  To be submitted by October 31st annually.

  • 10 Educational Hours Yearly

         Mahoning County Master Gardener Volunteer Handbook

  • Handbook for Mahoning County Master Gardeners



2020 Master Gardener Class


2017 Master Gardener Class