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Soil Testing

During the current pandemic, please go to go.osu.edu/soiltest2020 for instructions on submitting soil tests using a contact-free method at our office.

Soil testing is important. Get the information you need and the forms you need to test your soil whether it be fields and crops or home lawn and garden.

The soil test is an excellent measure of soil fertility. It is very inexpensive way of maintaining good plant health and maximum crop productivity.

Be sure to take a proper sample. This is a factsheet with tips to help you do this.

Bring one cup of DRY soil in a brown bag or ziplock bag lined with newspaper to our office for soil testing. The cost is just $20.00. We will prepare and mail your soil to be tested. We will receive a copy of your results and review the results with you to help plan your crops, lawn or garden area.