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The Naturalist Series invites subject matter experts to share their knowledge and research regarding different aspects of nature. Topics range from animals, plants, insects, and more. All these events are $5 ($30 for the whole series) and occur at 6:30 pm in the Mahoning County Extension Office. 

  • Thursday, February 16th - White Tailed Deer in Ohio
    • So we’ve got white-tailed deer, now what? The basics of what you should know regarding white-tailed deer in Ohio.
    • Speaker: Tom Frank, State Wildlife Officer, Ohio Division of Wildlife
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit 
  • Thursday, March 16th - Let's Take a Peek Inside Vernal Pools!
    • Join OSU’s Marne Titchenell, for an exploration of woodland vernal pools and the life inside them. This program will discuss the Ohio’s frogs, toads, and salamanders that can be found in and around vernal pools. We will learn to ID frog calls, salamander species, and explore the world of macroinvertebrates (fairy shrimp, caddisflies, and more).  
    • Speaker: Marne Titchenell, Wildlife Program Specialist, OSU Extension
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit  
  • Thursday, April 20th - Fishing at Lake Milton
    • Join Trish Guenther, and active birder and member of the Audubon Mahoning Valley Society, to discover how different birds use different techniques and physical adaptations to gather their food from the lake.
    • Speaker: Trish Guenther, Member of the Audubon Mahoning Valley Society
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit   
  • Thursday, May 18th - Butterfly: Basics to the Bizarre
    • Join Ashley Kulhanek as we cover some basics of the beloved butterflies in Ohio. We will also uncover some unique and bizarre truths and myths about your favorites and perhaps some unknown lepidoptera.
    • Speaker: Ashley Kulhanek, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit   
  • Thursday, June 1st - Hunting Wild Mushrooms in Eastern Ohio
    • This session will cover the ecology and identification of fungi along with the basics of hunting wild mushrooms. We will also cover some common fungi found in eastern Ohio.
    • Speaker: Erika Lyon, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator, Jefferson and Harrison Counties
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit 
  • Thursday, July 20th - Invasive Insects
    • Invasive Insects – who they are, what they do, what we should be concerned about, and what can we do!
    • Speaker: Amy Stone, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator, OSU Extension Lucas County
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit 
  • Thursday, August 17th - My Mahoning River- A River of Opportunity
    • The Mahoning River built the communities it flows through, but overtime became the region’s dumping grounds.  Water quality in the river deteriorated because of pollution and the placement of low head dams. Today, through incredible dedication, teamwork, and a strong vision the river is rebounding into a river of opportunity. Join us as we discuss the water quality improvements undergoing in the Mahoning River and the opportunities that await it!
    • Speaker: Stephanie Dyer, Environmental Program Manager, Eastgate Regional Council on Governments
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit 
  • Thursday, September 21st - Eastern Coyote: Facts & Fiction
    • Cleveland Metroparks Wildlife Ecologist, Jon Cepek, will present facts about coyote ecology, behavior, and human & pet interactions. The information is based on Cleveland Metroparks research, his professional experience, and national studies. This information is important to help people understand how much they influence coyote behavior and help us co-exist with coyotes and other species. Jon will answer questions and help us understand the facts, and identify the fiction, about the highly adaptable coyote.
    • Speaker: John Cepek, Wildlife Ecologist, Cleveland Metroparks
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit
  • Thursday, October 19th - Our Local Edible Landscape
    • Learn about native plants that feed us AND wildlife! Native plants are a foundational part of healthy ecosystems and there are many benefits to including them in our landscape. Learn about a selection of native trees and shrubs that support local wildlife and can be enjoyed for your dinner or snack!
    • Speaker: Jennifer White, Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development and Agriculture & Natural Resources 
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit
  • Thursday, November 16th - Native American Artifacts of the Mahoning Valley
    • Learn about the artifacts that are found in Mahoning County. View a selection of artifacts recovered from the area as well as some samples from the collection at Youngstown State University.
    • Speaker: Thomas Delvaux, Instructor & Archaeologist, Youngstown State University
    • To register call 330-533-5538 or visit 


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